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President Trump is scheduled to speak Tuesday at a nearby gathering at 11am. Associated Press. The Associated Press is an independent, not-for-profit news cooperative headquartered in New York City.

The Latest: Protesters gather near where Trump will speak

More From the Los Angeles Times. In Hong Kong, a show of support for China before 70th anniversary of Communist rule. Slain Texas deputy devoted his life to his Sikh faith and serving others.

The Jamestown Brides: The Story of the Virginia Company’s Trade in Young English Wives

Sandeep Dhaliwal carried a badge and a gun while devoting his life to a faith that teaches love and peace. Doctor facing life in prison for thousands of opioid doses. By the time drug enforcement agents swooped into his small medical office in Martinsville, Virginia, in , Dr.

Despite an earlier court ruling that had blocked the practice, reports have indicated that children and parents are still being separated more than a year later. More than parents and children — including babies — have been separated since the court blocked the cruel policy over a year ago.

TOKYO (4 p.m.)

The ACLU is also suing to stop Trump from using federal funds that Congress refused to appropriate to build his border wall. This lawsuit comes after the Supreme Court granted Trump temporary approval to begin construction of the wall with funds diverted from the military. Trump has defied decades of tradition of voluntarily releasing his tax returns as a presidential candidate, and now as president.

He routinely dismisses such calls to disclose his filings, insisting that he would release them when he was no longer under audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Democrats , including Newsom, have suggested that Trump is hesitant to release his filings because they might reveal potentially compromising financial ties to Russia — or that perhaps he is not as wealthy as he claims to be. Folks think realDonaldTrump is avoiding tax release because he pays a very low rate.

I think its because his finances are a house of cards. The financial documents will then be made public online by state election officials.

Guide RISEN: From Jamestown to the White House

Last week, Trump sued to stop House Democrats from obtaining his New York state tax returns made available by a law signed by governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this month. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D. Her support doesn't matter to the overall math because she doesn't get a floor vote -- but she does inside the Democratic caucus. According to a count by Politico, Democrats now support an impeachment inquiry. Trump for President, Inc. During the first round of debates last month, every candidate on stage raised their hand when asked if their plan would cover undocumented immigrants.

The concept is broadly unpopular and several leading Democratic strategists and pundits feared that moment would come back to haunt the party, as Trump and Republicans try to tar the field as too far left.

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The second spot accuses Democrats of wanting to socialize the US healthcare system, even though there is a sharp divide in the Democratic field over support for a single-payer system. What about me "didn't look so good"?

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I wore my favorite bowtie Read about that here:. Updated at 8. Thanks to Joanna Walters for manning the blog so I could grab some lunch and stretch my legs. Trump took another round of questions from reporters on his way back to the White House. Trump continued to attack the city of Baltimore, even though some state lawmakers in Virginia boycotted his speech commemorating the th anniversary of the rise of American democracy over his inflammatory remarks.

He also again stood firm in his decision to nominate Texas congressman John Ratcliffe, who appears to have an uphill confirmation battle awaiting him in the Senate. Talking to reporters just now on the South Lawn, Pres.